Scalable Groups Workshop

How To Design An Evergreen Group Coaching Program In A Day!

  • Design an offer that is easier to sell than 1:1 consulting or coaching
  • Automate client acquisition so that you have a steady stream of clients on autopilot
  • Understand all the tech needed to deliver a high-end client experience
  • Serve 10,20 or even 100 clients in same amount of time it takes you to serve two or three right now
  • Free up your calendar so that you have more time to enjoy life. 

From: Abhi Kala
RE: Hybrid Group Coaching

Dear Coach, consultant and expert,

If you want to serve more clients and generate more revenue without increasing the effort and want to know a better way to support each client’s unique journey & accelerate success – even at scale , or even if you just want to productise your knowledge , then this is the most important letter you'll read all year!

Here's why...

In less than 2 hours This workshop will show you a simple way to scale your revenue & impact – without scaling your workload OR trading client results for serving more people. And the best part is that you will be ale to implement the strategies right away to design your hybrid group coaching program and an offer that people will feel stupid saying no to.

If you're an expert in your field, and your clients love you because you get them incredible results… it's time to scale up! This live workshop will show you simple way to scale and serve many more people, 1:Many style without sacrificing clients results.

  • You might have looked at various ways to scale such as an online courses but the prospect of creating tons of training videos and not knowing if it will help you scale is daunting to you.
  • You might have even thought of starting a mastermind or an event but in the currently climate all in-person events are struggling and even if you had a way to scale masterminds and events you will max out. Mastermind or maybe even a cohort based group coaching program.
  • You might have thought of starting a challenge and faced crickets when you launched it, even if you got clients then you are faced with a massive burden of launching and maintaining the communication during the launch.


Here is the bottom line - You want to scale your income and impact without having to scale your workload or trade client results for serving more people.

Would you like to know how to serve 10, 20, or even 100+ clients easily and effortlessly in the same amount of time it takes to serve 2 or 3 now?(And still provide the same great results)

Sound too good to be true?Hang tight. I'll show you how in this live workshop.

Time is a critical bottleneck when it comes to scaling a coaching business.

Doing one-on-one coaching is great but it takes up all of your time. Some people are happy doing one-on-one coaching, but others want more clients without having to give up their weekends or evenings to do so. This is where hybrid coaching comes in. Hybrid coaching allows you to leverage technology so that you can deliver value to many people at once while still maintaining an individual relationship with each one of them.

A couple of years ago I was stuck serving clients 1:1

I love all my clients, they all are incredible experts in their field and I am alway on a mission to overdeliver to every one of them. But working with my clients 1:1 meant that I had a cap to number of clients that I could effectively serve at any given point of time.

I wanted to serve many more people but still wanted to get them incredible results that I was getting for my 1:1 clients. I had to find a more scalable approach but I didn’t want to find something that would add more work to my plate.

I needed a better way.

  • A better way to structure my work so that I could serve many more people at the same time.
  • A better to support each clients unique journey at scale
  • An offer that was evergreen and people could start at any time so that I could offer this program throughout the year

And while having a lunch with my very dear client Amy Scott I had an idea! I went back structured a new offer and launched it the very next day and started offering it to new enquiries and it worked like magic and the real success happened when people started seeing really quick wins in their own coaching businesses.

Hybrid coaching program is 90% automated, 10% personalised and is evergreen so that you can. sell it anytime, and clients can start anytime without “launch pressure”.

Here are the 3 key things that an evergreen hybrid coaching model will do for you:

It will make your existing coaching or training practice more impactful and help you raise your prices

It will help you leave the limitations of 1:1 behind

It will help you launch a new program to your engaged audience

It’s perfect for you if you are just starting out and want to start with a small group and still have enough income to support your lifestyle or if you want to revamp your existing coaching business and want to offer it to your existing clients and scale beyond the time and energy limits.

I know it is hard to believe and all my coaching clients feel the same when they start working with me until they hit their first milestone. Here is a snippet from one of my clients from Melbourne who is a procurement expert. Yup that is right this model works for anyone that is an expert in their field.

After going through the LIVE! Scalable Groups Workshop you will be ready to immediately:


Get crystal clear on who you will serve and how it will impact their life


Transform your coaching and expertise into unique new approach that is easy to deliver and scale


Design your hybrid program to achieve your business, financial and lifestyle goals


Create a curriculum that will get your clients amazing results fast


Understand all the tech needed to deliver a high-end client experience


Accelerate your income, impact and lifestyle by serving more people at scale

LIVE! Scalable Groups Workshop

Design an evergreen 'Hybrid' group coaching program that changes lives and serves WAY more clients in just a few hours per week.

(So you DON'T have to launch a course, a mastermind or just another challenge)

Here is everything that we will cover in the live workshop:

How to:

  • Evergreen your coaching(value $197)
  • Design Your Own Framework (value $297)
  • Design your hybrid(value $197)
  • Structure $100K/month offers using the Revenue projection calculator ($297)
  • Create an offer that people will feel stupid saying no to (value $297)
  • Pre-Validate your offer so that you don't waste time creating something that nobody wants ($197)
  • Deliver your hybrid (value $97)

Total Value: $1479

Todays price: FREE