LinkedIn growth tactics to help you go from surviving to thriving


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The THREE most important things your business needs to  GROW and THRIVE in 2022:

Build Authority

You need a way to capture the no.1 spot in your prospects minds so that you never have to worry about the competition.

Attract & Convert Leads

You need a PROVEN and EFFICIENT way to get your offers in front of your prospects and convert most of them into paying customers.

Deliver at Scale

You need to have systems and offers that enable you to deliver at scale without sacrificing client results.

This 90-minute live workshop will show you 3 simple to implement 

linkedIn growth tactics to: 

  1. Make you the no.1 choice in your prospects minds
  2. Oversubscribe your business with prospects wanting to work with you
  3. Scale your business with digital offers and marketing systems that will open doors to 100K months in revenue without sacrificing results

From: Abhi Kala
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Dear coach, consultant or expert,

If you want to serve more clients and generate more revenue without increasing the effort and want to know a better way to support each client’s unique journey & accelerate success – even at scale, then this is the most important workshop you'll attend this year!

Here's why...

This workshop will show you a simple way to scale your brand awareness, trust, revenue & impact – without increasing your workload OR trading current clients’ results for serving more people. And, you’ll learn all of this in only 90-minutes.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to implement the online marketing growth tactics to instantly catapult your business to a hyper-growth.

Imagine, a week after the workshop, you business is experiencing a new reality...

Stories of Transformation


Pandemic Hit Consulting Business to Becoming Home Owners in 6-Months

From In-Person Badass Business Copywriting Training to an Online School That Earned $50,000 in its First Week.


From in-person badass business copywriting training to an online school that earned $50k in its first week.


From Speaking and Mentoring In-Person to Having an Additional Income Stream From an Online Course

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Abhi Kala



Go-To Industry Expert on Productisation of Your Knowledge

Successfully helped multiple experts, coaches, consultants and service providers to turn their expertise into a highly profitable online business.

High-Profile Online Marketing Expert

Worked in the Digital Marketing and Media industry for over 20 years, during which I have led innovation projects and digital campaigns for companies such as MARS global.

Award-Winning Lecturer

Taught Digital Media to the advertising, marketing and journalism students at the Auckland University of Technology for over 8 years and received an Excellence in Teaching Award.

Created a Proven Framework Designed to Boost Expertise-Based Businesses

Creator of the Evergreen Momentum™️, an online business accelerator to help experts, coaches, consultants and thought leaders launch and scale their businesses online.