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Ashok Menon from Melbourne, Australia has been in the procurement consulting industry for over 20 years, and he's always wanted to help other people enter the field. But he didn't know how to do it until he joined the Evergreen Momentum™️ program.

Ashok first joined our business accelerator with the goal of creating his own expertise-based online business. Soon after joining, he was able to pre-sell his own high-ticket hybrid coaching program before even creating any content or setting up a website for his program. He got his first students for his program based on just an offer in a Google Doc! And this was a big surprise for him because he thought that he would need to build out the program first and then sell it.

This is one of the key differences of the Evergreen Momentum: we first create an offer and pre-validate it, and only then do we design a program for the founding members. Now Ashok is on the journey to scale his recently set-up hybrid group coaching program.

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